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Hello, and thank you for visiting AlphaStox.com. Alphastox.com is the premier junior stock market newsletter bringing readers, investors, and institutional experts valued information on the markets. We understand that there are a lot websites, blogs and forums out there that promise huge returns with limited risk over a short period of time. Unfortunately, we are here to tell you that that does NOT exist. Yes, it is true that you could make a ton of money in a short period of time, but you could also lose it all very quickly-just like gambling. That is why it is our goal to bring you the most accurate information so you can make your own informed decision with your investment. The companies we feature have been pre-screened and brought to us by our vast institutional network all across the world so we can bring forth the very best opportunities.

We work with expert stock pickers, comprised  of seasoned and experienced financiers, bankers, accountants and analysts across different industries with over 250 years of combined industry experience to help us bring forward these opportunities.

It is very important that everyone that reads this blog understands that the junior market is a VERY volatile and risky game. People have lost and made fortunes over days, so every single reader, investor and subscriber needs to understand the risks. However, big risks can reap great rewards. There is no other game in the world where you can make a big discovery, and have your stock make a huge jump in one day-this has happened, but there have been a lot more people that have lost their capital trying to find the next big deposit so everyone needs to keep this in mind.

Big Buying Opportunity Today!

Every investor that turns on a TV, reads the newspaper, magazine or talks to any of their colleagues at work has heard the turmoil in the markets these days. But let me tell you one thing. This is a HUGE opportunity that needs to be taken advantage of. In 2008, when everyone thought Armageddon and dooms day arrived, a lot of investors lost everything. But there were a few that found a way to make their fortunes in these tough times. My mentor once told me when I first started in this business that “when there is blood on the streets, you buy!” Everyone is looking for liquidity right now. Many investors just do not care about the valuations when they sell their stock, they just want their cash. There weren’t too many investors out there that had cash to spend in 08’, but the ones that did, were buying stocks at extremely low valuations- below cash and asset values. These guys with holding power made a fortune! For example, Keegan Resources (TSX:KGN) hit a low of $0.39 in November 2008, today it’s trading at $2.97 and hit a high of $9.08 in November 2010, 23X your money in 2 years. Teck Resources (TSX:TCK) hit a low of $3.93 in December of 2008, today it’s trading at $30.12 and hit a high of $60.05 in January of 2011, that’s 15X your money in less than 3 years. Southern Pacific Resources (TSX:STP) hit a low of $0.09 in 2008, today it’s trading at $1.28 and hit a high of 1.90 in February of 2011, 21X your money in 3 years. True Religion Jeans (OTC BB: TRLG) which later moved to the NYSE, was trading at $1.84 in 2003, was trading at $11.41 in 2008, hit a high of $36.23 in 2011 and today it’s at $28.37. Today, we have a very similar situation in these markets. Once the market turns around in a positive direction and it undoubtedly will, micro-cap and small cap companies with good balance sheets and management teams will prevail and bring you higher returns than most large-cap stocks. Yes, they are being hit harder now, but the upside potential in these times is huge. So, if you can take advantage of these low valuations with time and capital, you WILL reap the benefits! And it is our goal to bring you the information on these incredible opportunities!

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime at info@alphastox.com and I will make sure to personally get back to you within 48 hours. I would love to speak to our subscribers.

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