Revive, UW Madison enter cannabinoid research agreement

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Revive, UW Madison enter cannabinoid research agreement

Mr. Craig Leon reports


Revive Therapeutics Ltd. has entered into a sponsored research agreement with the University of Wisconsin (Madison) to evaluate a novel drug delivery technology with a focus on cannabinoids for the potential to treat various diseases.

“We are very excited to advance a novel cannabinoid-focused drug delivery technology with the potential to safely and effectively treat, but not limited to, pain, inflammatory skin disorders, and liver diseases,” said Craig Leon, Chief Executive of Revive. “We are focused on continuing to build our cannabinoid-based product pipeline and our expansion in cannabinoid-based drug delivery reinforces our commitment to this strategy. Our research relationship with the University of Wisconsin-Madison builds upon our efforts to lead the way in providing novel cannabinoid-based therapies for serious and unmet medical needs.”

The research program will be led by Jess D. Reed, Ph.D., Professor of Animal Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Under the agreement, Dr. Reed and his research team will evaluate the role and potential use of a chitosan-tannins based formula for the delivery of cannabinoids. The research will be based on Dr. Reed’s patented technology in the use of tannin-chitosan composites for therapeutic biomaterials.

“I am very excited about the potential and the initiation of the development of a novel ground-breaking cannabinoid-focused drug delivery technology,” said Dr. Jess Reed, Professor of Animal Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “The opportunities of the drug delivery technology and cannabinoids are plentiful and I look forward to validating the true potential of the drug delivery technology in allowing novel ways to deliver cannabinoids for various diseases.”

Dr. Jess D. Reed is a phytochemist that studies the effects of oilgomeric polyphenols on the health of animals and humans. A main thrust of the Reed Research Group is to determine how plant polyphenols can be used in the development of new materials for use in the human and animal health, food processing and preservation, and other applications. This research effort includes the development of phytochemical methods for characterization of structure of oligomeric polyphenols and their ability to combine with other biopolymers such as chitosan. Research on the interaction between tannins and chitosan has led to the discovery of a new composite material that have antimicrobial activity and can be formed into films, foams, hydrogels and nanoparticles that have applications in food, agriculture and health. Chitosan is a derivative of chitin that is present in the shells of shrimp, crabs, insects and other arthropods. Chitin is the second most abundant biopolymer on the earth’s surface after cellulose. Dr. Reed’s research group also carries out mechanistic studies on the effects of these biomaterials in cell culture and animal models of disease.

About Revive Therapeutics Ltd.

Revive Therapeutics Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:RVV)(OTCQB:RVVTF) is focused on the research, development and commercialization of novel treatments for serious and unmet medical needs by identifying and investigating potential drugs and plant-based therapies, such as cannabinoids, that may be repurposed for new indications, be delivered in a different way, combined with existing drugs, or be developed as new chemical entities or prodrugs. Additional information on Revive is available at

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