Robix Alternative Fuels Inc (CSE:RZX)

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Robix Alternative Fuels Inc (CSE:RZX)



The Corporation is an “industrial products/technology” company, offering to investors a unique opportunity to participate in a leading company in the business of ownership of patents, and their development from commercialization to worldwide expansion through various business arrangements.

Robix was established in 2011 to advance the commercial development of certain patents, and patents pending, particularly in the environmental industry.

Robix seeks to establish itself as a leading intellectual property holder to help meet the worlds growing energy needs, while considering the significant requirement to find and use the most effective integrated green energy solutions. At the same time Robix seeks to maximize the economic results for its future customers, investors and the environmental industry participants.


Protection of the environment, whether it is on land, sea, or in the air is still a growing global concern and in the 21st century, more than ever, it is imperative that effective products and services be available. Since its incorporation, Robix has sought to expand its capability to package and deliver these critical resources.


Robix now seeks to form an alliance with a company that has existing global market access but lacks a truly unique environmental product such as a high volume oil spill recovery vessel in its product line.  Robix will use the experience gained by its key executives over the last few years to develop the Oil Spill Response and Recovery concept using the intellectual property (IP) owned by Robix, thereby providing an IP platform for industry participants to use for commercial benefit to industry and Robix jointly.

Management Team

The following is a list of the current Robix Management Team. It should be noted that as soon as is practical, the Team will include various persons that are qualified and experienced in the marine and engineering architecture discipline in the “oil spill response” industry. They shall serve in a consultative capacity until Robix has established a stable pattern of growth and development.

Nathan Hansen, President and CEO and Director

- Mr. Hansen has been active in the capital markets since 1986, working with various teams of technical advisors, on projects that range from oil and gas exploration and production to revolutionary technologies and the patents that are usually part of them. Mr Hansen has extensive entrepreneurial experience in the formation and development of growth companies in the public reporting environment, and in the attracting of capital to execute effective Business Plans.

Robin Ray, CFO and Director

- Mr. Ray is a Certified General Accountant. Since 1995, Mr. Ray has been a partner in the general Accounting firm, MacNevin and Ray. Mr. Ray served from April 2001 to August 30, 2011 as the Chief Financial Officer and as a Director of MLB Industries Inc. Mr. Ray brings extensive business experience to the board.

Share Structure

The Corporation currently has 6,379,766 non-diluted common shares issued and outstanding.

The Corporation currently has 6,974,766 fully diluted shares.

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