Veritas Pharma increases lab staff for clinical trial

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Veritas Pharma increases lab staff for clinical trial

Dr. Lui Franciosi reports


Veritas Pharma Inc.’s research arm, Cannevert Therapeutics Ltd. is moving swiftly toward properly certified and scientifically rigorous clinical trials of a cultivar of significant interest in area of cannabis research.

There are many claims for the usefulness of cannabis in treating various disease conditions. However, many of these trials would not meet the approval of regulatory agencies and thus it is important that Cannevert performs trials of the highest standard that meet regulatory standards. This is important in the case where the material administered is not a single chemical but rather a mixture. Cannevert is working under the hypothesis that synergy exists between the different chemical constituents found in cannabis cultivars. Attempts to mimic this by using the pure cannabinoid molecules has yet to be associated with notably improved therapeutic actions as demonstrated by clinical trials conducted under the surveillance of government regulatory bodies. The use of sufficient and varied animal models enables the Cannevert to ascertain more clearly, and in a defined manner, the true therapeutic potential of cannabis cultivars. With respect to pain and emesis, Cannevert is actively pursuing this clinical route of conducting human experiments to the highest level possible. Obviously, achieving this level is not easy or simple, yet the amount evidence that Cannevert has accrued in this area is thought to be sufficient to persuade regulatory agencies. In view of the increasing workload, and continuing with the goal of implementing clinical trials this year, Cannevert has this month increased its laboratory staff by 25%.

From Dr. Lui Franciosi’s (Veritas CEO) recent attendance of The Planet Microcap Showcase 2017 in Las Vegas, he concluded “that despite the many broad claims as to therapeutic utility of relatively undefined cannabis sources, these remain unsubstantiated by good scientific evidence.” Cannevert under Veritas is truly committed to establishing the soundest experimental and clinical evidence to justify the use of specific cannabis strains for the treatment of specific diseases. Thus, taking cannabis out of the realm of therapeutic fancies into the realm of scientifically established and medical reality. Dr. Franciosi went on to say, “This research work takes time to conduct, but the knowledge and understanding achieved are worth the wait, both to society and investors.” Cannevert’s President, Professor Michael Walker stated, “I am very impressed by the quality of the scientific evidence being produced by our team, and I imagine that it will lead to substantial clinical evidence, beyond that currently available”.

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